Welcome to the all new Corona Virus Information section for Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum. The information on this website is intended as a guide and is not intended to replace NHS medical advice. We cannot be held liable for any of the information that you find in this section - it is simply there in an attempt to assist you. We do, however, do our best to keep it up to date and to stay abreast of the very fast moving situation.

Our Position on the Corona Virus (Covid-19/SARS CoV-2) Pandemic and Johnson's Government's Lockdown..

The Corona Virus, also known as Covid-19 and SARS CoV-2, is a nasty and extremely dangerous virus that you will no doubt be aware is taking lives all over the world. Some young and middle aged people are passing away when they are otherwise very healthy, in addition to the vulnerable and the elderly.

At CDIRF (Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum), as always, we act impartially for residents. During the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are also publishing important information from Avro Hollows' TMO. They continue not to have authorisation to access our forums as agreed by a previous CDIRF Member's vote.

We fully agree with the NHS' advice about avoiding catching the Corona Virus and also the advice provided by the NHS about what to do if you do catch it and how to keep your friends, family and fellow residents safe. You can read that by clicking here (opens a new window).

We actively stand against the Coronavirus Act 2020 for the reasons detailed by Big Brother Watch. We stand in solidarity with them. We condemn Boris Johnson and the mainstream media (including the BBC and Sky News) in the strongest terms for their appalling handling of the Corona Virus Pandemic that led to the actual need for the nation to enter lock-down, in turn triggering grocery (and other essentials) shortages for our residents and many vulnerable people across the nation and in their entire lack of coverage of the legislation that has been snuck through the back door.

We also find the correspondence, delivered by Avro Hollows' TMO on 1 April 2020, to be concerning in their then disclosed reporting of Residents, perceived to be breaking the Coronavirus Act 2020 legislation, to the Police.

We politely remind Avro Hollows' TMO that it is counter-productive to threaten many of our Residents who have been treated incredibly unfairly by Greater Manchester Police (or otherwise do not have a great relationship with them) at the same time as trying to hold out an olive branch to Residents and it cannot be said that the majority of Residents would be in favour of this.

There is no legal duty to report people and Avro Hollows' TMO took photos of many Croydon Drive Residents as a condition of granting them a tenancy to begin with where many would have otherwise been homeless and the tone is more likely to result in Residents ignoring the NHS Advice that it is essential to follow, not because Avro Hollows' TMO, Greater Manchester Police or anyone else said so (they are mere servants of the people, nothing more), but because Boris Johnson's government has proven itself entirely incompetent such that the lock down and the (anti)social distancing measures we all now experience became necessary to save lives.

Corona Virus Support from Morgan Sindall and Switch 2 Energy..

As Croydon Drive Residents, we pay for Avro Hollows' TMO, Commsec Security, Manchester City Council and Northwards' Housing to act in Residents' interests. It would be much more beneficial for them to take a tone of servitude and not authoritarianism and to arrange professional cleaning of a tower blocks, seven days a week.

We received an increase in contact from Residents as the result of not receiving the letter well and we did not like it either. We were not consulted on the content or authoritarian tone of the letter, that is more likely to result in challenge, although CDIRF did not expect to be because we are independent.

CDIRF also stood firmly against the announcements on the first day of the lock-down by Commsec Security where residents were shamed over the Orwellian Tannoy. On a positive note, Avro Hollows' TMO's Estate Manager has developed her own much more positive style of supporting tenants and we question how much of that letter was actually written by her and how much was written by Avro Hollows' TMO board.

Corona Virus Support from CDIRF..

Croydon Drive Independent Residents' Forum have been working hard to bring Residents the latest information on the Corona Virus. We have pressured Manchester City Council to ensure that you can get access to supplies if you have no-one else to help you, we have also been in touch with food banks, the Citizens' Advice Bureau, Switch2 Energy and Morgan Sindall and we are impartially assisting Avro Hollows' TMO with publishing clearly marked information that they hope to communicate, on our website (such as the provision of antibacterial hand gel bottles and emergency food boxes being available in their office).

CDIRF was the first to send out a comprehensive letter to all of our Croydon Drive residents making clear that, regardless of whether you are eligible or ineligible for forum membership, that we are offering emotional and practical support by telephone and Email and, where necessary, with collecting food and medications for those that can't get to the shops.

Our Member's forum continues to operate as normal and we have transferred our forum and website to a new hosting provider to ensure faster speeds and so that they do not get slowed down, no matter how many people are visiting the website or how many CDIRF members are visiting the forum. The usual rules around eligibility/ineligibility continue to apply. Our telephone line is open for extended hours including when other organisations are closed. We also have a call back facility available and calls back can be to landlines or mobile phones. We are also, as always, contactable online.

We have also developed a Corona Virus Microsite where you can read more about the Corona Virus and the support that we offer. We have extended Email and telephone emotional and practical support and we have launched the Emergency Community Shopping Scheme for all residents, regardless of their affiliation to Avro Hollows' TMO, Northwards' Housing or Manchester City Council. They cannot join our forum or our telephone conferencing however, as usual. Any other Resident can contact us to join or to have their forum password reset by completing our contact form or by telephoning us.

Corona Virus Support from Avro Hollows' TMO and Manchester City Council..

Avro Hollows' TMO tell us that there are some food boxes downstairs in the office for those Croydon Drive Residents who are struggling. Residents are asked to please telephone or Email the Avro Hollows' TMO office instead of visiting, regardless of whether you have symptoms. Avro Hollows' TMO's Estate Manager has helpfully sourced and ensured the installation of hand gel in all tower block reception areas. Avro Hollows' TMO ask people not to refill these and they should never be removed.

The Avro Hollows' TMO Estate Office continues to have staff within it to answer telephone calls and Emails. The Estate Manager has said that she will try to take as many calls as possible from Croydon Drive Residents who are struggling emotionally. These are positive steps.

We do however desperately need competent (and COSHH) trained Cleaners that are trained to select, procure and use appropriate chemicals to kill the Corona Virus whilst cleaning our tower block communal areas and fob points across the Croydon Drive Estate, thoroughly, seven days a week. Cleaning has now increased, since we published this article but it is unclear how well the tower blocks and fob points are being cleaned. Let us know please by getting in touch.

Manchester City Council have launched a Freephone telephone number (free to call from mobile phones too) and a new section of their website for Manchester Residents who are struggling financially and/or practically, whether directly or indirectly due to the Corona Virus. Manchester City Council can help with the delivery of food and medication, combating loneliness and fuel top-ups. The website currently suggests, as of 3 April 2020, that this support is only available to Manchester Residents aged 70 or over but CDIRF have confirmed that this is not true.

CDIRF have confirmed that the full service is being offered to any Manchester Resident who considers themselves to be vulnerable, regardless of whether the NHS have sent them a letter and regardless of how old or young they are. You can click here to visit the Manchester City Council Corona Virus website section or you can telephone 0800 234 6123.

Any Croydon Drive Resident with an old (G4) pay as you go meter who is struggling to obtain credit, either through a lack of funds or through not being able to leave your home, can call Switch 2 who will send out an Engineer - even if you are self-isolating as a result of having the Corona Virus symptoms. They just ask you to let them know if you have the symptoms at the time that you telephone.

Any Croydon Drive Resident who has a newer smart meter has a number of options to top up, if you have the funds, there is an Apple Store/Google Play Store App for Switch 2 Energy and you can top up over the telephone. If you are struggling financially as the result of the Corona Virus, you should still get in touch with Switch 2. If they can't help, contact Manchester City Council.

We will set up a contact form so that you (or a friend/family member) can request a telephone call back from Switch 2 if are low on credit. Switch 2's website is available by clicking here or you can call them on 0333 321 2010.